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It is very important to us that we keep all our supporters up to date with any changes we make to our privacy notice. Our privacy notice has changed with regards to working with third parties. We are working with a third party agency, SEC Fundraising who work in line with Ashgate Hospicecare's values to help us promote the value of our lottery and ensure that we continue to raise the funds needed to care for patients and families across North Derbyshire. Ashgate Lottery players, may receive a phone call from SEC Fundraising who are acting on our behalf. If you have any concerns about the calls that you receive or to withdraw your consent to be contacted, please feel free to call us on 01246 567250 or email Click here to see our privacy notice in full.

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Mr Holliday was very surprised to have won and decided to spend his winnings on a new bathroom.

Just think of what you could spend your winnings on if you were to win our fantastic jackpot prize!

  • How the lottery helps

    One in four people are not able to access hospice care when they need it and that is why we need you to join our lottery. £1 a week may not sound like a lot but together with our generous local people it can have a massive impact on the number of people receiving care.

    You too can make a difference by signing up to play today.

  • Could it be you?

    Carla and Grace look after the lottery and have the weekly task of ringing up winners to tell them the good news. Carla says “the highlight of my week is making that phone call to the winner. People are so happy and immediately start telling me what they will spend their winnings on. It is nice to make their day and people are really surprised and say they never expected to win and only signed up to help the hospice!”

    You too can make a difference by signing up to play today.

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