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Lucy Piekarski was only 15 when her father, Tony Piekarski, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Lucy reflects on the treatment her dad received from the Hospice, both at home and in the Inpatient Unit.

“I remember coming home one day in November, aged 15, to my Pap sat on the sofa. He wanted to talk. I knew he had been for some scans, but I never believed there would be anything wrong with him.

When I heard the words “stage 3 prostate cancer”, everything turned to slow motion. I kept pretending all the while that my dad would be fine.

From that day onwards, we all did what we could to make every day count and make sure that my Dad’s promises were fulfilled. He suffered with his illness for five years in all. Throughout that time, we gave up more and more of our commitments so that we could care for him.

We had always received regular visits from the Hospice at Home Team, but my brave-faced Papi had always refused any extra visits. It wasn’t until he told us that we needed to start making decisions, that we realised he was in need of 24/7 care and pain symptom management and needed to go into the Inpatient Unit at the Hospice.

It was a relief for our whole family when he came in. During my Dad’s time here, The Ashgate Angels, as we liked to call them,
were there to answer to his every need. They knew what to do and they weren’t scared like us. They made what was an alien situation to
us feel very normal.

Our family were able to rebuild many of the bonds that were strained over the years by the stresses of care-giving. When my dad came into the Inpatient Unit, we were able to spend valuable time together as a family. I was able to be a daughter again and my dad was able to be a dad. Before this, we had tended only to reminisce about the good old times together, but Ashgate Hospicecare enabled us to make the last days count and to still create memories.”

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