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Our prizes

Our lottery has 124 lucky winners each week!

That’s £1,875 worth of guaranteed cash prizes each week as well as a possible £25,000 rollover prize!

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More Information

You must be aged 18 or above to take part in the Ashgate Lottery. For Lottery queries and information, please contact Carla Hind on 01246 567250 or email

Terms and conditions

How the Lottery works

Members of the lottery pay a stake of £1 each week. They will be issued with a unique 5-digit number which remains theirs for as long as they continue to pay the stake money and they can have as many numbers per week as they want. Each Friday, the lucky winners are chosen randomly and receive their prize cheque in the post the following week, so there is no need for them to claim.

Our Rollover

Our rollover gives our members the chance to win up to a fantastic amount of £25,000! Each week there is a 2nd prize of £500, if the number drawn for this prize is a dormant or unallocated number this amount then rolls over to the next draw. This could happen up to a total of 50 weeks which would then make the jackpot £25,000 for that week. This week there would be a guaranteed winner.

Current Recruitment Campaign

We need another 5,000 lottery players!

This will ensure we can cover the increasing need for funds to keep our services open. We are currently running a recruitment campaign for our lottery, which involves canvassers knocking on doors throughout the area. If you have any queries about our campaign, please don’t hesitate to contact us.